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Poldino's to your home menus

We continue to offer our no-contact delivery service of some of our most popular dishes. The dishes are made fresh each morning and are delivered cold (with simple instructions), to be stored in your fridge ready for when you want them. Please find all of the details below including our menu. We also offer a range of drinks to be brought along with your delivery - why not have a look in our Bottle Shop

Please Note:
We are closed for deliveries 12th & Saturday 13th November. Apologies for any inconvenience.
Thank you again for thinking about Poldino's To Your Home

MEAL FOR 4 £50 - 4 Minestrone, Pasta for 4, 1 filone, 2 salad bowls, 4 dessert
DATE NIGHT £30 - 1 Antipasto, pasta for 2, 1 salad, 2 dessert
BANQUET £78 - 1 Antipasto Grande, 2 Gamberoni all’aglio, 2 Pasta, 1 Pizzaiolo Pack (or 2 more pasta), 2 Salad bowls, Filone or garlic bread, 4 Desserts


ANTIPASTI £11 - Cured meats, olives & grilled vegetables (also available full veggie)
ANTIPASTI GRANDE £23 - Cured meats, olives, grilled vegetables & fresh bread
GAMBERONI ALL'AGLIO £6.50 - King prawns with garlic, chilli and cherry tomatoes
COPPA DI GAMBERI £4.50 - Classic Prawn Cocktail

ZUPPE 12oz pots
MINESTRONE £2.50, 3 for £7, 5 for £11.50
- Traditional Italian vegetable soup
- Tomato based fish stew full of monkfish, salmon, prawns, mussels & calamari

PASTA - 1 for £6, 4 of your choice £23
PENNE ZUCCHINI - Courgettes, sun blushed tomatoes in a cheesy dolcelatte sauce
GNOCCHI AL RAGÙ DI SALSICCIA - Potato gnocchi baked with a Tuscan sausage ragù
ARRABBIATA AL FORNO - Penne pasta in a tomato sauce made with chilli, onion, garlic and herbs

LASAGNA TRAY - serves 6 £30

Each pack comes with Semolina to dust the work surface, two doughballs, Sugo and a ball of Mozzarella to prepare two Margherita bases. Then you can choose up to 5 toppings from the following: Spicy Sausage, Prosciutto di Parma, Grilled Aubergine, Grilled Courgette, Roasted Pepper, Green Olives, Red Onion, Fresh Chilli, Gorgonzola

Pack for 2 inc. roasted veg salad bowl £17 (+ £5 for 2 dessert)
Pack for 4 inc. large roasted veg salad bowl £32 (+ £5 for every 2 dessert)
Simple instructions will also be included

BAKE AT HOME GARLIC BREAD £2.50 - We recommended one portion for 2 to share
FILONE £3 - An authentic bread traditional of the Apulia Region. Par-baked ready to finish at home. Enough for 4 diners

PANNA COTTA £3 - Served with Amarena cherries

A selection of drinks can be found at our Bottle Shop


Information on allergens can be found here
Gluten free options available request

To make your order fill out an ORDER FORM or give us a call on 01224 647777 Tuesday to Friday, 10am - 2pm
Because we cook fresh there is a lead time of one day from order to delivery. We offer a non-contact, drop-off service only.
Currently we deliver Thursday to Saturday. Deliveries to Newtonhill & Stonehaven on a Thursday.
Free delivery within the city centre for orders over £30, otherwise delivery charge is £3